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Churburg Castle

The Churburg in Schluderns is one of the most beautiful and best preserved castles in South Tyrol. It was built in 1253 and since 1504 the Counts Trapp owns the castle.

A visit to real knights, so to speak, a must in family-holidays in South Tyrol. Why? In the Churburg features the largest and most splendid armor-chamber of Europe. 50 full armors are here, all in possession of the Matscher family and Trapp family.

The most impressive is probably the 2,10 m big armament of the penultimate Matscher count: he must been giant of a man. The armor weighs 45 kg!

Children are immediately excited by this "iron clothes” and even as adults you are attracted. The small and the big boys obviously like especially the weapons: swords, spears and shields are shown in the Churburg ant they look exactly exactly like the ones in the new "Dragon Playmobil Castle".

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